The Case Of Missing Hindu Terrorist

A few things are interesting because of their absence. For example, in old age, in few cases at least, teeth become interesting because of their absence. You look at others’ teeth and sigh with nostalgia, ‘Oh, those were the days, I had teeth back then!’.. And so on.

Is that the case with Hindu terrorism? Political parties who were cultivating Muslim votes were looking for a stick to beat Hindus with. But, those jihadis were queering the pitch. Damn, those Hindus, couldn’t they just go out and shoot a few sparrows? Then we will have a few Hindus in our hands, to equalize the score, sort off.

Then they got this brilliant idea – Hindu Terrorist. It sounded so spicy and sexy.

At least it equalizes the score. Now, we can say that we are secular sickular. Muslim terrorists vis-vis Hindu terrorists. Now, you cannot accuse us of partiality, right? We (dis)respect all religions. We do not differentiate. We insult a Muslim by assuming that they have sympathies for terrorists, and we insult Hindus too by proving that they can at least kill sparrows!

But, what stirred me (I am quite lazy otherwise, you know!) to go into a reverie was this news item – HuJI ban takes no note of ‘Hindu terror’ role

It reads –

Contrary to Centre’s growing estimate that alleged Hindu extremists carried out the May 2007 Mecca Mosque blast in Hyderabad, the United States and the United Nations have held the Pakistan-based Harkat-ul-Jihad Islami (HuJI) responsible for it. The UN has, in fact, termed the blast a joint operation of HuJI and Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) and listed a number of other terror attacks in India in which these outfits were involved.

But, the paper does try to balance the act with –

It is possible that the UN and US authorities did not check with India for fresh updates on investigation into the crimes, going along with the initial line of Indian investigators. if they need to. Well that is another matter. We should never expect the worst. Fair play and all that!

But, suppose, Hindu terrorist is really there, no seriously, then what are the implications? Why does a populace that is 80% of the entire population, feel compelled to take up arms? Why should they feel that they are threatened? That they will not get a fair hearing in a country that has been their own for millenniums!

This calls for some serious thinking.

I call your comments on this.




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4 responses to “The Case Of Missing Hindu Terrorist

  1. Armchair Guy


    नमस्कार. This is to follow up on the discussion at I’d appreciate it if you could point me to quality literature, especially current, in Hindi. I’ve found a bit of pulp and a few classics, but no quality contemporary stuff.


    • Welcome Armchair Guy. I have given the reply to your last post here.
      I believe we understand each other better now.
      It is good to know that you are interested in knowing more about the Hindi literature. I will satisfy your curiosity to the extent possible for me, starting tomorrow.
      Please be patient.



  2. Armchair Guy


    Thanks. I’m always on the lookout for good literature. I’m aware of Hindi literature to the extent that a 12-year education allows. And I’d appreciate hearing about books and authors, whenever you have time.


    • Kindly look at my next post on contemporary Hindi literature. Will appreciate any suggestions or comments. Hope I will write more on some books and authors in future.
      I have gone through some of the book reviews on your blog. Just excellent!
      By the way, how do you enable Hindi fonts on blog pages? I am not getting the hang of it!


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