‘Running With The Hares; Hunting With The Hounds’

I have sometimes deliberated about the thought process of those who are going ga-ga over the appearance of AAP leaders. The AAP supports are constituted by that crowd which feels deceived by the Congress dream but yet have not got over their opposition for the BJP – secularism and all that, the white noise that is generated by media spurred by the cacophony created by the Congress and its cohorts.

The AAP constitutes the perfect honey trap for just this population – when will it get over it, and be able to think beyond prejudices and be able to look beyond the veil created by the media – because no doubt they also have to survive and news is created by the powers that be – I wonder!

There was a time when the prominent leaders of the AAP were known for their involvement in the Anna movement against corruption. Then this movement metamorphosed into the ‘India Against Corruption’, ultimately to transform itself into a strange political animal – namely ‘Aam Aadmi Party’.

I call it strange because there was a lot of hullabaloo over its formation, accompanied by many a heart breaks. Anna, Kiran Bedi, and few others, some of the staunch supporters of IAC, said that they felt betrayed by Kejriwal and his colleagues for having betrayed them, because they  were not in favor of launching a political party; but were rather in favor of fighting the ‘system’ from ‘outside’.

They also blamed Kejriwal for harboring political ambitions and some reports suggested that he and some of his colleagues had talked about the formation of a political party even before the Anna movement – the idea was summarily rejected by Anna himself.

So we were witness to the birth of a political party, which arose out of a civil movement – no problems there, except for the fact that were were certain anomalies in the scenario that unfolded.

First, the bickering of the IAC members themselves about the very idea of forming the party, which I have just mentioned.

Then there were faint murmurs here and there which were alleging that the party had been formed with an hidden agenda. The hidden agenda was that the party was formed after a behind the curtain deal with the Congress – the party against which the entire IAC movement was purportedly launched. At that time it was not understandable, and completely unimaginable – how could a group of people who were breathing fire against Congress reach a covert understanding with the same party?

The logic behind such an understanding became clear gradually. At the time BJP had launched a very strong movement against the various scams committed by Congress Government at the centre. The movement was gaining in momentum by the day. The Newspapers and TV channels were full of news coverage regarding the scams and the astronomical sums of money allegedly appropriated by Congress leaders in these scams.

The movement seemed to be going out of hand, public was fuming, with danger that there was a danger that it may topple the Congress government at the centre.

Some thing got to be done, the movement need to be contained, BJP had to be stopped in its tracks so that it may not take the political advantage out of the public anger that was seen to be seething all around – coupled with the appearance of a strong leader like Narendra Modi appearing on the horizons – with his fearless potshots at the top leadership of the Congress party. The party was very fast being reduced to a laughing stock.

The unthinkable was happening – the power was slipping out of hands.  After six decades of remaining in power, it appeared as if the party was finally losing its hold over the psyche of the people – people were looking for alternative heroes, past messiahs having failed miserably, their dirty faces exposed, the charm of the family lost, compounded with the fact that they all looked foreign. Indian public was no longer identifying with them.

So, a deal was struck. Both the sides deny it vociferously, but now the facts stand almost exposed with the party’s founding member exposing the deal in this video.

In this context the part played by one member has been very interesting, and the title of my post ‘Running with the Hairs; and hunting with the hounds’ is pointed towards that personality – Yogendra yadav.

He appears to have played key part in the formation of the party. Several of Kejriwal’s close associates have revealed that he has always been extremely deferential towards Yadav, and tries to keep him in good humor.

In this context this post in Niticentral appeared interesting as it it explained, in very few words, the part played by Shri Yogendra Yadav.

The multifarious personality of the man, with various roles being played by him in the political arena, the roles that are often mutually conflicting, is really amazing; and it is almost fascinating to watch him perform such an impossible balancing act – but not so much, if you remember the TV debates in which he appears, where he starts from one end, and smoothly comes out at the other extreme – and you are left wondering on which side the guy really stands!

This man is the man to be watched in the coming days!



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