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Are Indians fool, or, Have Indian Intellectuals Lost Touch With The Ground?

The above heading says all that I wish to convey..and yes, definitely I am referring to yesterday’s thumping majority achieved by Narendra Modi panning across the length and breadth of India.

But the Indian intellectual class – the left leaning, entrenched class, that controls the entire academia and press – thinks otherwise. Going by their utterances, such a victory by Modi forbodes ill for the country, reflects the bad judgment of Indians, and the triumph of majoritarianism over the rational and secular mindset.

It is true that a common man does not get invited to panel discussions, does not has his views published in Newspapers, does not have books published in his name. It is the intellectual class, which does all that. Our common sense gets us to think that these thinkers will become the guiding lights of the junta, and help the nation think clearly and rationally.

But, it is such a sorry state of affairs in India that the class which is supposed to proffer guidance, itself looks so muddled and dishonest in its thinking, that one is forced to think – ‘Which vested interests are they protecting?’, ‘Are they getting paid for voicing such opinions!’, ‘Are they trying to manipulate the public opinion in one direction?’

In a sort of proverbial slip of tongue, one of them almost spills the beans –

“For years, English media, including Outlook, has criticised him. So our jobs would be in peril if he becomes PM.”
— Vinod Mehta

My, my – is this a fear or a confession?

For more interesting quips and tidbits, click here, some of their utterances will leave you stupefied!




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