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Who Destroyed Takshashila University?

Who Destroyed Takshashila University?

Takshashila University has a unique place in India’s history, in as much as it was a great seat of learning for Indian students, as it was a much sought after educational Institute for students from around the world. It existed so far back that it finds mention in Varun Puran, in Mahabharata and also in many Jataka tales!

Its burning was a major setback for the civilizational growth of India due to the prestige attached to it around the world, and must have been felt as a painful wound in the memories of the people of the time, and they would have bewailed for such an occurrence for long times to come.

In History books, it is often asserted that Huns destroyed the Takshshila. But it is doubtful whether Huns really invaded that place. Besides they had friendly relations with the king of the Indian state.

This post in 2ndlook caught my eye which presents a strong case that it was actually Alexander who invaded the place and destroyed the oldest University of the world. However, to preserve the myth of greatness of Alexander, Western Historians now seem to have whitewashed that period of his invasions.

Though it is a conjecture, but entire History is a conjecture. Sometimes, it seems that History is the biggest repository of fiction! Does History (with Capital H) really exist? Will we ever know the truth?



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