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How Narendra Modi Will Tackle USA?



Who is afraid of Narendra Modi?

The USA, it seems — if we go by its various actions in the diplomatic arena, and if we look at how the issue of Visa is raised time and again at strategic junctures!

In UPA 1 and 2 USA had got an ally which was just too happy to toe the line and help USA in furthering its geopolitical aims in the Asian Continent. Manmohan and Sonia fitted the bill absolutely – and after ten years of uninterrupted influence it was looking for making more inroads.

However, the only dark cloud in the horizon has been the persona of Narendra Modi – the man who seems to have a mind of his own and has a strong will. He is honest and is committed to furthering the interests of India on the global scene. While Manmohan Singh was happy to get occasional brownie points from USA, Narendra Modi may prove to be a hard nut to crack — because USA knows that there lies in Modi’s heart a burning desire to make India a global power!

In the following article, Menaz Merchant beautifully explains the challenges that USA faces in the current international scenario and how Modi may well be able to exploits the chinks in its armour!

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