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Are Indians fool, or, Have Indian Intellectuals Lost Touch With The Ground?

The above heading says all that I wish to convey..and yes, definitely I am referring to yesterday’s thumping majority achieved by Narendra Modi panning across the length and breadth of India.

But the Indian intellectual class – the left leaning, entrenched class, that controls the entire academia and press – thinks otherwise. Going by their utterances, such a victory by Modi forbodes ill for the country, reflects the bad judgment of Indians, and the triumph of majoritarianism over the rational and secular mindset.

It is true that a common man does not get invited to panel discussions, does not has his views published in Newspapers, does not have books published in his name. It is the intellectual class, which does all that. Our common sense gets us to think that these thinkers will become the guiding lights of the junta, and help the nation think clearly and rationally.

But, it is such a sorry state of affairs in India that the class which is supposed to proffer guidance, itself looks so muddled and dishonest in its thinking, that one is forced to think – ‘Which vested interests are they protecting?’, ‘Are they getting paid for voicing such opinions!’, ‘Are they trying to manipulate the public opinion in one direction?’

In a sort of proverbial slip of tongue, one of them almost spills the beans –

“For years, English media, including Outlook, has criticised him. So our jobs would be in peril if he becomes PM.”
— Vinod Mehta

My, my – is this a fear or a confession?

For more interesting quips and tidbits, click here, some of their utterances will leave you stupefied!




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How Narendra Modi Will Tackle USA?



Who is afraid of Narendra Modi?

The USA, it seems — if we go by its various actions in the diplomatic arena, and if we look at how the issue of Visa is raised time and again at strategic junctures!

In UPA 1 and 2 USA had got an ally which was just too happy to toe the line and help USA in furthering its geopolitical aims in the Asian Continent. Manmohan and Sonia fitted the bill absolutely – and after ten years of uninterrupted influence it was looking for making more inroads.

However, the only dark cloud in the horizon has been the persona of Narendra Modi – the man who seems to have a mind of his own and has a strong will. He is honest and is committed to furthering the interests of India on the global scene. While Manmohan Singh was happy to get occasional brownie points from USA, Narendra Modi may prove to be a hard nut to crack — because USA knows that there lies in Modi’s heart a burning desire to make India a global power!

In the following article, Menaz Merchant beautifully explains the challenges that USA faces in the current international scenario and how Modi may well be able to exploits the chinks in its armour!

Read the full article here…

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Why Modi Was Able To Create A Wave

It is fascinating to see the rise of Narendra Modi on National scene, watching him going from strength to strength. From political untouchable to a Hero, having millions of followers, calls for an appreciation of those qualities that made made it possible for him to accomplish this impossible task!

A few years back TV channels were forecasting doom for him; it was generally assumed that his name will be forever tarnished by some misdeeds that he might have committed in 2002. So many Commissions, enquiries, probes for one single person – surely, if he was guilty it was imperative that he was to be brought to the books and treated like any other criminal of humanity.

But, slowly all those Commissions and probes only helped to add shine to his character. They may not have given him the clean chit, but they did not declare him guilty either. The excess of all this Commissioning and Probing was their undoing – the implied agenda behind the setting up of these was became quite clear to the common man  – ‘Get Modi at any cost!‘ – so the dice was loaded against him from the word Go! If, in such a scenario, no enquiry found him guilty, it actually meant more than a ‘clean chit’.

Then there came the Gujarat Assembly Elections of 2013, which he won resoundingly – third time in a row. Obviously the entire population of Gujarat had not been made to drink a magic potion to force it to vote only for Modi. Gujaratis are known to be quite astute and proud citizens of India; it will be an insult to their intelligence if one doubted the judgment of the entire state. They had seen his work, they had seen him from up and close. They knew him more than all of us – who knew about him only through TV channels and newspapers.

Another quality that left a strong impression on public mind was that he was neither detracted by nor got involved in petty arguments. He carried on with a single minded devotion with the one task that he had set set up for his political life – the development of Gujarat. This is extremely amazing if we keep in mind that he could not have foreseen the outcome of his efforts when he set out to do this; there was every chance of failure; it must have been the power of realization that what he was doing was for some greater good that kept him focused and energized.

He had nothing but his own faith to guide him when all around him powerful forces were hounding him and bad mouthing him in every imaginable way!

He was able to make ‘development’ into a national agenda – replacing divisive issues like secularism and regionalism – only because of his single minded devotion and solid achievements. He never bothered to reply to the extreme criticism he was subjected to, did not get involved in arguments and instead concentrated on the goals that he had set for Gujarat.

I have seen him responding to the criticism only from two people – Sonia and Rahul: as if he was saying that he knew who was targeting whom. He managed himself in his public life with such grace that all the criticism and witch hunting against him only added to the sheen of his persona.

His devotion to public service can be readily seen by the fact that he never tried to use power and influence to work for the betterment of his own family members. His mother and brothers still live very ordinary lives. What a sharp contrast from what we see all around us: the breed of politicians that we have got used to who, when they come to power start showering favors, grants and positions to their sons, nephews, uncles and aunts!

This is due to his single minded devotion for the public good that he is always brimming with ideas – which was all too apparent in the India Today Conclave held in New Delhi last year – I have never seen such an abundance of ideas in any Indian leader – living or dead!

He is a strong leader no doubt – and I believe that the country needs just such a leader at this time and juncture of India’s march to greatness – the leader who has got a vision and is neither afraid to articulate it nor to implement it in practical terms!

His enthusiasm is infectious – this is all too visible in the crowds that get electrified on listening to his speeches – this one man army was able to turn the tide in just one or two years – when everything seemed to be working against him – including all the political parties in India and so many of them in other countries too!

Let us pray and wish that Modi is able to come up to such grand expectations that people of the nation have reposed in him!


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April 6, 2014 · 5:21 pm